Order Of The Eastern Star Landmarks

It is very hard to tell which is the most recognizable Physical Landmarks of the Eastern Star, the International Headquarters, the Chapel at the International Peace Garden, the Little Red School, or the Rob Morris Home. It depends too, on where in the country you live and how much you travel throughout the United States. All of these have great significance in the lore of the Eastern Star, and are visited year round by many people. They are all part of the fabric that makes up the history and sentiments of the Eastern Star.

International Peace Garden on border between US and Canada - OES Chapel located there

International Peace Garden On Border
Between US And Canada – OES Chapel Located There

The International Headquarters (previously known as the International Temple) in Washington, D.C. is the Headquarters of the International Order of the Eastern Star. The office and residence of the Right Worthy Grand Secretary are in this very exquisite and very opulent building. At the Twenty-first Triennial Assembly in 1934, the International Temple Committee was formed. Washington, D.C. was chosen and the Belmont Mansion was purchased and dedicated in 1937.

The Belmont’s were very popular members of Washington Society and the house has a very rich history which is part of the tour visitors receive. The Headquarters has been the recipient of many treasures from around the world and from many Past Most Worthy Grand Matrons and Patrons. The Most Worthy Grand Matron and the Most Worthy Grand Patron have a suite in the building and use it to entertain their Officers during the Triennium.

The Chapel of Peace at the International Peace Garden is a joint vision of the members of the Grand Chapters of North Dakota and Manitoba. The completion of the Chapel was the primary project of the 33rd Triennial. It was dedicated in 1970 and was completed in 1972. The interior limestone is engraved with quotations from men of peace throughout the world. The Chapel is non-denominational and arrangements for the use of the Chapel for appropriate services can be made. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains and straddles the border between the United States and Canada. Each Triennium the Most Worthy Grand Matron and Most Worthy Grand Patron make a Pilgrimage to the Great Northwest to visit the Chapel and the beautiful gardens.